The team at Greenhall Asphalt are able to supply the best street sweeper equipment in Geelong for any of your asphalt needs.

With a thorough knowledge of various types of pavement surfaces and an in depth understanding of what type of equipment will be needed for each unique job, you can count on the 20 years + of experience that Greenhall Asphalt has for any of your street sweeper needs in the Geelong region.

Generally, with asphalt street sweeping, a mechanical sweeper is ideal for  more porous surfaces in smoothing out and sweeping driveways, parking lots and roadways. A mechanical street sweeper has improved manoeuvrability and is often equipped with a third front broom that allows its use in tight areas that are hard to get to as well which is ideal for any sort of job.

The team at Greenhall Asphalt, are proficient in asking all the important questions for any of your needs including important indicators to the job like the type of debris and how much there is to clean and the type of surface and conditions that need to be negotiated. This will then affect what broom and equipment is used according to how small or large the task is.

Having a street sweeper that you can trust like Greenhall Asphalt is very important for any job and with over twenty years of experience across the field the team will be able to create a cleaning plan to meet any person’s needs.

Along with street sweeper services, the Greenhall Asphalt team can also provide a number of other services including commercial, residential and council asphalting services in the Geelong area and throughout Victoria, including Melbourne, Ballarat, Colac and the Western region of Victoria.

Call the team today for any street sweeper needs in Geelong as well as for any other general services that we provide.