Jobs for local councils around Geelong are also our specialty, we can surface or resurface:

  • asphalt car parks and roads
  • asphalt public areas
  • asphalt recreational grounds
  • asphalt speedhumps
  • asphalt median strips
  • asphalting cycle paths.

Greenhall Asphalt holds accreditation in General Works with Vicroads for Road Surfacing Asphalt (G2-RSA), meaning we are pre-approved to quote on everything from local council asphalting to large-scale government projects.

Government asphalt services

Greenhall Asphalt can undertake State or Federal Government jobs around Geelong, such as:

  • asphalt highways
  • asphalt government roads
  • asphalt basketball courts
  • asphalt tennis courts
  • asphalt driveways
  • asphalt courtyards
  • asphalt schoolyards and play areas
  • asphalt road repairs.