Asphalt provides a surface that is equally at home on a rural block, a riverside mansion or residential home in Geelong. Without the need for joints, asphalt has a durable surface that doesn’t encourage ants or weeds that can happen in bricks and concrete. Asphalt can be resurfaced in the future without removal of the old pavement.

Our services include asphalt driveways, asphalt tennis courts, asphalt basketball courts, and asphalt pathways.

At Greenhall Asphalt we can provide the following colours to complement driveways in semi-rural and suburban homes or units and villas:

  • red oxide gravel asphalt in red/brown
  • non coloured gravel asphalt in dark brown
  • standard granite asphalt in black/grey

Please contact Greenhall Asphalt for a free quote for your residential asphalting in Geelong.